Hello World

screenshot_20170606-1751241Hi, my name is Pierre.

I was raised with a strong social conscience, and since being a kid I always saw myself as helping and teaching people. This lead me down a career path of being a professional martial arts coach, helping adults and children become a better, stronger, more confident version of themselves.

I’ve always noticed how people have these self constructed walls holding them back. These are walls made up of people’s doubts, fears, false assumptions and general lack of proof that they’re capable of being more than the picture they have of themselves in their minds.

While I was still in primary school I was often used to coach other kids because it came naturally to me, but I was an 18 year old kid when I first became a professional coach and a mentor to many. I instantly recognized this wall that people build for themselves and saw how it limits what they can accomplish. I made it my job to help people smash through that wall and be all that they can be, and as a result I have former students spread all over the world doing amazing things. Knowing that I played my part in their journey gives me a big fat smile on my face, pretty much all the time.

As I got older, I slowly started to realize that there are two more walls in the world in need of demolition work. Once these other two walls caught my attention, my mind kept going back to how I could again play my part in helping people bring those walls down. I realized that twenty one years of professional martial arts coaching has given me the skills and prepared me for taking on these bigger challenges.

This is what lead to me founding SOY academy. Why SOY? Soy means I Am. “I AM”. These are the two most important words in tackling that first wall, because every word you add in the sentence after “I AM….” is what you become.

So to conclude my babbling, what is the mission of SOY academy?

Our mission:

Breaking down the walls that are holding you back.

The #FirstWall is the one that you have built around yourself. This wall exists because of your comfort zones, your false assumptions and your fears. Only when you break down this wall, will you truly realize what you are capable of.

The #SecondWall exists because of the things that you don’t know about that goal you’re trying to reach. You will knock down this wall by learning, by seeking education, by taking advice and by connecting with mentors whose experience can help you grow.

The #ThirdWall is the maze between people, between communities and between cultures. This wall consists of misunderstanding and ignorance and is reinforced by fear and prejudice. This wall takes effort from us all to dismantle, and requires us to step up our love and empathy game.

Welcome to SOY academy. Join me in breaking down the walls that are holding us back.

Let’s make you unstoppable!



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