Why is it so hard to stop procrastinating?

We all possess what psychologist Robert Firestone describes as a “critical inner voice.” This “voice” is like a mean coach, critiquing our performance, questioning our abilities and encouraging us to stray from our goals. People who procrastinate tend to have a loud and active inner critic. They may hear self-hating thoughts like, “You won’t do it right, so why do it at all?” or “Don’t take a chance. You’ll never get what you want.” Conversely, they may hear seemingly self-soothing thoughts like, “That’s just too hard. You deserve a break. Just take a rest and work on that later.” That same voice will later cause people immense amounts of stress when it punishes them for not getting things done, “What is wrong with you? You’re so lazy. You never finish anything. You’re useless.” Whether the voice you hear is self-critical or self-soothing, it yields the same results. You are left with the same workload on your plate and a headful of cruel, self-deprecating thoughts that make it feel impossible to be productive.

Getting over procrastination means overcoming the inner critic that says you are going to fail. When you accomplish something, be it a small action-item from your to-do list or a giant goal you’ve had for years, you feel a natural high – a genuinely good feeling about yourself. Procrastinating denies you this positive experience, while flooding you with a negative self- attacks. When we think of procrastination as a form of self-denial, we can have compassion for ourselves and start to challenge the thought process that leads us to drag our feet.

Source – (read the full article here): Stop Procrastinating – PsychAlive


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