Commit to the process


Be committed to the process, without being emotionally attached to the results.
Image: SOYacademy

“My name is (insert your name here), and my daily habits create the future (repeat your name here).”

Your habits create the future you. Have you ever thought about that?

We grasp the concept quite easily when when we think of working out or eating, that our daily habits – how we eat or train – creates our future physique. But it’s exactly the same for everything else we want from life, we should place much more emphasis on habits than on goals.

While setting goals is obviously an integral part of filling your life with the things and experiences that enrich your time here on earth, it can also become a slippery slope to the depths of depression if your identity is wrapped up in the expectation of reaching those goals. You see goals are fickle things, which often seem like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Especially if “other” people with a Midas touch reach their goals so “easily”. (you get what I’m trying to hint a t right? no one just reaches their goals easily)

In a way goals are almost never reached… either you over-shoot your goal, you fall just short of the mark, the environment changed so much that the end goal you reached is not nearly the same as the goal you set, or it completely evaporates like a mirage in the desert.

Don’t stop setting goals though, and continue set very specific goals. But after your goal is written down, printed out in pictures and stuck on your refrigerator – do the same for the process. What is the process? It is the daily habits that you’d need to cultivate to move you closer to that goal, the small daily steps.

Write these habits down, print them out in colourful pictures and stick that on your refrigerator right next to your big goal.

Now make your habits the goal. Celebrate that goal every day when you’ve nailed it. Be realistic about the habits you set and get into the habit of not skipping on your habits.

If you do reach that big goal, and I hope that you do, then pop the champagne and throw a party. But if the rainbow dissolved and the pot of gold along with it… rock the party just as hard! Because you have cultivated a new set of skills and instilled in yourself the discipline and resilience that will stand you in good stead on the next venture, because your focus was on the habits that will continue to shape the future you.

Go be unstoppable!


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