It’s the crazy ones who change the world!

If you’re crazy enough to think that you can help make the world a better place, it’s time that you step up and take action. Remember that it’s only those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world who do.

It doesn’t have to be on a global scale either, you can do so much good where you are and really change the world for people in your own community. Never has more good been done in the world at one time than right now. There is momentum happening and you can add your weight to that momentum.

I know this is hard to believe because if you follow the news you might think that everything in the world is getting worse. But news media has to survive financially and to do that they have to show you the news that you’ll naturally pay most attention to, and those are not the stories of how the world really is an amazing place, your brain looks right past those. Your brain is programmed to protect you, and it will search for and fixate on trouble, finding what’s wrong in an attempt to keep you safe.

But let me give you some hard facts on just some of the good that’s happening in the world right now, and I hope you’ll be inspired to get in on the action and make an impact where you are:

We know that our oceans are being killed by all the floating plastic, but the “Ocean cleanup project” is planning on cleaning 40% of all the plastic in the world’s oceans starting this year. That is from just one project!

Remember the “Ice bucket challenge”? Well, the money generated enabled ALS research to identify a gene associated with the disease, which is a massive step toward successfully treating it!

China banned the opening of any new coal mines and is installing solar panels at the rate of one football field sized area for every hour of every day. By as soon as 2020, 15% of China’s energy will come from renewable sources.

20 countries created 40 marine parks, protecting ocean life from overfishing in an area the size of the USA.

Canada has developed an Ebola vaccine with a 100% success rate. World hunger has reached it’s lowest point in 25 years!

In the tech world, there has been a huge rise in the thinking behind business. And while it’s naive to think that corporations will ever stop focussing on making profits, from new companies there has been a major shift towards making profits while also making the world a better place. Industries being disrupted by this mindset right now include: clean energy, clothing, food, recycling, transportation, water and sanitation, plastics and even disaster management.

Stop fighting against what you think is wrong in the world and decide what you believe is right! Being anti- anything rarely produces lasting results, so decide what it is that you are standing for, and make that happen!

If you’ve ever felt inspired to change the world, start right now. Find one person whose world you can change, and don’t stop. Maybe you’ll change the world for one person at a time, or maybe you’ll stumble onto something that helps millions.

But something that will happen is that if you keep going and never stop, you will inspire others to do the same… and that WILL change the world!


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