The #FirstWall is the one that you have built inside of yourself. This wall exists because of your comfort zones, your false assumptions and your fears. Only when you break down this wall, will you truly realize what you are capable of.

Let’s break down this wall together

What we offer:

  • Corporate workshops – #IamTheCompass
  • Corporate workshops – #IamUnstopable
  • Corporate workshops – Black belt in conflict management
  • Corporate workshops – GRIT self defense workout for women
  • How to stay motivated – #IamTheCompass (Johannesburg)
  • How to stay motivated – #IamTheCompass (online webinar)
  • Monthly membership programme – #IamUnstoppable (Johannesburg)
  • Monthly membership programme – #IamUnstopable (online webinar)
  • Programme for schools – Life Skills Toolbox

Or you can search through all of our content on breaking down the #FirstWall for free. You are welcome to use whatever you find useful.

#FirstWall material